We have all been bad breath offenders at one time or another. Whether you are talking to a colleague after enjoying a tuna melt at lunch, or greeting your partner after a long day without brushing, it’s likely you have felt the embarrassment that bad breath can cause. For some, bad breath occurs daily and is a frustrating aspect of their lives. We have outlined the causes of frequent bad breath in hopes that you will better understand your condition and the proper ways to treat the issue of bad breath.


What Are You Eating?

Some foods that cause bad breath may seem obvious, like coffee and tuna, but many odor causing foods are much more subtle. If you eat foods that contain garlic and onion on a regular basis, it is likely that they are contributing to your bad breath. This is because garlic and onion are absorbed into your bloodstream, which means that their odor is released when you breath. Even brushing will only mask the odor until the food has been completely exhausted from your body. If you struggle with bad breath and find that most of your foods contain garlic or onion, consider cutting back on these items in your diet.


Do You Have Good Hygiene Habits?

This may be a difficult question to answer, if you suffer from bad breath it’s likely that you try and brush often in order to rid your breath of any odor. The problem may actually be how you brush. Are you using a 45 degree angle? Do you brush your tongue and reach all the surfaces of every tooth (that means the front, back, and tops of your teeth)? Do you follow up with proper flossing habits? The odor in your mouth could actually be from decaying teeth due to improper food buildup that has not been removed, and in return causes a very unpleasant smell.


Remember that quality is more important than quantity in proper oral hygiene. If you are not brushing at least twice a day, we suggest this as your first step to eliminating bad breath. A great way to check your brushing habits is by visiting your dentist for a cleaning, they will be able to properly assess your situation.


Is Your Mouth Too Dry?

There are many reasons your mouth may be very dry, ranging from medical issues, medications that cause dry mouth, and breathing excessively from your mouth. Regardless of the reason, a dry mouth leads to bad breath because it lacks naturally-produced saliva that helps moisten the mouth and keep it clean. A visit to your dentist to address the cause of your dry mouth can help you eliminate this issue.


Do You Smoke?

Tobacco causes many problematic side-effects to your oral hygiene, and one of the unpleasant results is bad breath. We cannot emphasize the importance of removing tobacco from your daily life enough, but if you suffer from bad breath, you may want to seriously consider quitting this habit in order to eliminate bad breath.


Are There Bad Breath Causing Medical Issues at Bay?

Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of bad breath is a more serious medical issue, like an infection in your lungs or throat. It is important to seek treatment if your bad breath symptoms persist in order to rule out any of these possibly life-threatening medical issues.


If you suffer from bad breath and wish to seek treatment for this problem, a visit with your dentist can help you diagnose and eliminate bad breath. If you would like to take the first step in treating bad breath, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists. Together we can develop a plan to eliminate the embarrassment of bad breath.