As a child we are taught that taking care of our teeth is very important. Brushing regularly, after meals and when waking up in the morning, is key to having white teeth and fresh breath. Flossing frequently keeps our gums healthy and allows the headway for our teeth to grow in as best they can. However, there are some factors of your mouth’s health that cannot entirely be controlled.

One major imperfection that cannot be controlled when it comes to our teeth is outside factors that cause chips and cracks. If you have ever fallen down and hit your mouth on something, you have probably had that sudden fear that your tooth may be chipped. Unfortunately for some, this is the case and can result in a struggle to cope with the newly developed jagged edge or uneven look that your mouth is subjected to.  veneers2

Special Lumineer Treatment

Veneers are often used to fix and re-redesign one’s teeth to cover up these minor imperfections. Whether a serious impact has caused a chip in your tooth, or genetics have lead your teeth fall into place unevenly, leaving a tooth or two short of the others, veneers are usually suggested by dental professionals to re-appropriate your mouth’s look.

Here at Sugar Land Dental Spa, our Lumineer treatment is highly regarded as great and efficient fix to things like:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Unlevel Teeth

Lumineers are a unique type of veneers that are closer resembling of a tooth’s natural enamel and can last significantly longer than normal veneers. Most lumineers can remain intact for up to 30 years before requiring a touch up. The application process takes two visits to the office. The first visit it used to mold the mouth and teeth as well as match the color and shade of the veneer. The following week, the patient will receive their veneers and begin to live a more confident life with a clean looking smile.

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Whether you’re looking to get a unique oral health treatment to fix any imperfections or issues you are experiencing with your mouth, or just want a relaxing getaway at your spa treatment and dermal health procedures, Sugar Land Dental Spa is the place for you.

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