There are many different fears one can have for their mouth. Some are minor, like bad breath and slightly yellow teeth. Other fears are a bit great, like chipped teeth or wisdom tooth pain. Then there are major concerns that can actually jeopardize your body’s well being. One major fear that poor oral hygiene can spark is gum disease. Knowing that your gums are a major functioning part of your mouth, keeping your teeth healthy and in place, it is a scary thought to have that any disease could rid them of their pristine condition. However, gum disease affects thousands of people annually.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum Disease, otherwise known as Periodontal Disease, is a serious condition regarding your oral health and the future of your teeth and eating habits. In the event of gum disease, your gums will become inflamed and very sensitive. This is caused by the growing bacteria inside the gums that are breaking down their tissue and wearing away at the integrity of the gums. In severe cases of gum disease, the gums will begin to recede and actually expose more of a patient’s teeth which are not equipped to survive exposure.

The common cause of periodontal disease is buildup of gingivitis. This bacteria builds up on the surface of your teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene and decaying food stuck in the crevices between your teeth. While gingivitis is the number one cause of periodontal disease, this does not mean that it is a permanent sentence.

The buildup of gingivitis can be reversed by special treatment from an oral health care professional accompanied with the discipline it takes to monitor your brushing and flossing habits at home. By breaking down and brushing away this growing threat, patients can spare themselves of the pain and hardship of having full blown gum disease that could make talking, eating, and even laying your head against a pillow a pain.

A Good Dentist Can Save Your Gums

Having serious problems with the state of your teeth and gums can make everyday tasks a painful challenge. That is why having your mouth regularly checked and treated for any irregularities that may be present is important. Aside from regular cleaning and tooth repair, our state of the art office offers extensive skin and spa treatments to restore vitality to our patients.

If you need to have your gums checked for pain and inflammation, or you just need a facial treatment to rid your eyes of some wrinkles, our clinic is standing by for your appointment. Contact A Beautiful Smile today to schedule your next visit.