Every health conscious and responsible outdoors person understands the importance of proper dermal protection. Keeping your skin smooth and healthy is very important for not only your looks but the well being of your body overall. Many spa treatment goers tend to look for extra help with their complexion and tips for keeping their skin looking good throughout their daily routine.

One of the most common useful protections that you can apply to your skin is that of sun protection. Whether it’s in the form of long sleeves to keep the sun out when doing yard work, or apply high grade sunscreen and sunblock when you go out swimming, your skin needs all the help it can get to protect itself from the harmful effects of the sun.

How Bad Can Sunburn Be?

When you receive a serious and painful sunburn after hours of unprotected time spent in direct contact with these UV rays, your skin suffers greatly. Skin cells are broken down and killed off, making your lower dermal layers more susceptible to issues. If repeated sun abuse to your skin continues, your skin may easily develop types of skin cancer caused by damaged malinen and pigment in your skin.  sunposion

Sometimes sunburn isn’t the only worry one can have when spending long periods of time in the sun. Sun Poisoning is a very serious thing and can greatly damage not only a person’s skin but their overall health and wellbeing. Like any other poisoning, sun poisoning takes a great toll on your immune system in order to help your body recover. Getting sun poisoning looks a lot like a very severe sunburn, only with added side effects.

Nausea and dizziness are very common ailments that accompany sun poisoning. After escaping the sun and acknowledging the severity of the skin issue, symptoms of fever and chills may begin to set in and last for the remainder of the day and night. While non-life threatening, sun poisoning needs to be treated with rest and a cooling of your body’s core temperature.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and if necessary use Aloe Vera derived lotion to soothe the skin’s burn. It’s important not to use thick petroleum-based moisturizers because their consistency can easily clog your pores and further damage your skin. If the sun-poisoned area begins to swell and fevers persist into the next day, it’s vital to seek a doctor’s advice.

Skin Treatments At Sugar Land Dental Spa

Serious sunburns and poisonings can leave your skin covered in sunspots and wrinkles. While we all enjoy sunlight, it’s harmful UV rays can definitely take their toll. If you are looking for some rejuvenating skin treatments to handle wrinkles or even minor hair removal, contact the Sugar Land Dental Spa today to schedule your appointment.