Dental X-rays are a vital part of a lot of dentist visits, and a part that our lead dentist, Dr. Jue, finds very important. With an X-ray, the dentist will be able to spot dental problems early on, which means they’ll be able to treat those problems before they become more serious. This can save you time and money and keep your teeth much healthier.

Using an X-ray, Dr. Jue will be able to spot:

  • Decay between teeth or around fillings
  • Infections in your teeth — the kind usually requiring a root canal
  • The development of wisdom teeth to determine when they should be removed
  • Bone loss
  • Symptoms of periodontal disease, such as abscesses or cysts in the gum tissue
  • Improper development in children’s teeth

We usually take X-rays when we see new patients, children, patients with extensive restorative work, high-risk patients and patients who haven’t had an X-ray in the last year.

If you need a dental check up, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jue. We’re currently offering a mid-day special, where patients can come to our office between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for an X-ray and dental exam for only $59.