If you’ve ever had a cavity, you understand how painful it can be. When bacteria builds up in your teeth strong enough to eat through your enamel, the plaque you’ve acquired from everything you eat and all the sugars you drink can quickly dig a literal crater into your tooth. This void of tooth filled with bacteria, hence the name ‘cavity’, requires precise dental attention to help clean and fill it. However after the cavity is filled, it’s not entirely painless from then on out.

Anyone that has filled a cavity before can attest to the great discomfort felt when it comes in touch with a material or substance that it doesn’t like. Often times even the smallest piece of a wrapper left stuck to a stick of gum when chewing can cause immense discomfort when it comes in contact with the filling. The most commonly reported pain comes from tin foil coming in contact with someone’s ex-cavity. But why is this?  cavitypicture

The Chemical Reaction Within

When filling a cavity, the amalgam micro-metals that standard dental practices use based on the size of the cavity and overall health and history of a patient’s mouth tend to vary. However, it is very common that most of the amalgam’s used in many fillings since the practice came to the masses have different atomic charges than tin foil. It is because of this mismatch in electrical charges that the sharp pain radiates from your tooth when a filling is disturbed.

Despite the opposite charges presented by filling amalgams and that presented in aluminum foil, otherwise known as “tin foil”, the charges aren’t exactly explosive upon immediate contact. Knowing this many patients would find themselves ‘safe’, however they aren’t exactly in the clear yet. The saliva in your mouth is the final piece to this painful puzzle.

The saliva in your mouth acts as a ‘salt bridge’, the catalyst for a the reaction that causes the sharp pain. When the electrical charge comes in contact with the filling from the aluminum, your spit allows the charges to quickly transfer. The charge will sharply overpower your filling and send a pain signal to the nerve inside your tooth, causing your body to react with pain. Many people feel this and immediately pull whatever is causing this charge out of their mouth.

Your Cavity And Dental Needs

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