Many people tend to overlook the values of flossing. However, it is a very important step to take towards good oral hygiene. Here are the top reasons why you should floss regularly:

Flossing prevents periodontal diseases

Flossing is the most important technique we can employ to prevent gum or periodontal diseases. When food particles are trapped where the gums and teeth meet, they will be attacked by bacteria. This starts the formation of plaque which, if left as is, will start to crawl through the gums and cause an inflammation. Flossing reaches these areas that toothbrushes cannot clean. Hence, any subsequent inflammation can be prevented.

Flossing helps prevent tartar buildup

Flossing the teeth also helps avoid tartar buildup, which also causes tooth decay

Flossing keeps the body healthy

Good dental hygiene is not just about oral health. According to research, unhealthy bacteria in the mouth have also been linked to a number of serious conditions and diseases. This includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory problems.

Flossing gives us a pearly white smile

By regularly brushing and flossing our teeth, you can minimize the stains in your teeth and leave you with a bright and white set of teeth.

Flossing is just as important as brushing the teeth

To combat periodontal diseases and tooth decay, brushing needs to be combined with flossing. Dental floss is designed to reach areas that toothbrushes cannot – and most of the time, these are the places where plaque, tartar and other bacteria develop. Without flossing, these areas are left defenseless and are only waiting to be attacked by bacteria.

Flossing helps prevent bad breath

Bad breath is caused by many factors – but one of them is stuck food particles in the teeth. Over time, they will cause bad breath if left as is. Thus, flossing them out is an effective way to help prevent bad breath.

Flossing will save you money

By maintaining excellent dental habits, you can save yourself the trouble of going through different dental treatments to repair your teeth.

Here are some tips on the proper way to floss your teeth:

  • Follow the proper form. Use a piece of floss that is about 15 to 18 inches long. Slide it in between teeth, and then wrap it around the tooth. Once wrapped, move it up and down as you follow the curves of the tooth.
  • Your gums may bleed. If they do, then it means that they are swollen due to plaque formation and would need to be immediately cleaned. If after two weeks of brushing and flossing, your gums still bleed, then it is best to see your dentist to have it cleaned professionally.
  • Floss before bedtime. This is the most ideal time to floss your teeth as it removes all food particles and buildup from the day.

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