Nothing is more magical for a child leaving his/her tooth under a pillow only to wake up to money left behind by a mysterious fairy. But where do the teeth go? Is she building a porcelain throne? Tell your children what you will, but most parents resort to throwing out their children’s baby teeth. A new dental practice would suggest keeping the baby teeth instead.


Dental Stem Cell Therapy


Recent dental developments have shown that useful stem cells can be found in children’s teeth and harvested for later use if necessary. This is very similar to a fairly new practice of saving a child’s cut umbilical cord blood cells in order to preserve DNA in case of a future medical emergency.


Why are Stem Cells Important?


Banking stem cells can help treat life threatening diseases later in life, like cancer or genetic blood diseases. Stem cells assist in procedures like bone marrow transplants and help grow replacement tissues like bone, cartilage, nerve, skin, muscles, and blood vessels.


Why Teeth?


The dental pulp, especially in young teeth, are high in mesenchymal stem cells and are the most promising type of stem cell to use in treating disease. Because baby teeth either fall out naturally or are removed for other reasons, no harm comes to you or your child by harvesting these teeth. Wisdom teeth are also a source of these stem cells, but the younger the tooth, the better. Once frozen, the cells will remain in tact as they were during removal until used later in life, if needed.




The process of removing the tooth and stem cells requires a team of dentists and lab workers. Once you have chosen to take on the process of Store-A-Tooth, you should alert your dentist immediately. Before the tooth actually falls out, and  is significantly loose, you should take your child to the dentist for a collection in order to preserve “live” cells which die upon falling out. Your dentist has a specific kit to send to the Store-A-Tooth lab where the cells are properly stored and frozen, waiting for their time to shine.


If you are interested in saving your child’s dental stem cells for future medical needs, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe today. Our dentists will walk you through the tooth stem cell process and help you find the best time for tooth extraction.