Only 35% of the population is born without wisdom teeth, which means the rest of us are left with the unfortunate hassle of dealing with wisdom teeth which is often painful. Fortunately, removing your wisdom teeth is a common dental practice and offers a solution to the problems that the presence of wisdom teeth bring. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with wisdom teeth removal.


wisdom teeth removal


Reduced Risk of Infection

A common problem is that many wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning that they do not fully emerge from the gums and remain partially under the surface. Impacted teeth often lead to bacterial infection because of how difficult it is to fully clean this area, and may also damage the teeth around them. Removing impacted teeth reduces the risk of tooth infection later on in life.


Stem Cell Treatment

One of the most prominent benefits of wisdom teeth removal is their use in stem cell treatment. These teeth can actually be stored and used for future medical treatments you may need. Stem cell treatment has been used to help with diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, stroke and many others. By storing your extracted wisdom teeth, you decrease your body’s chances of rejecting the treatment.


Relieve Pain

Unlike our ancient ancestors, our jaws are actually much smaller and usually do not fit these bulky fourth molars. For many, this results in pain from pressure that is caused by wisdom teeth attempting to fit into your already-full mouth. Removing your wisdom teeth can alleviate the pain that overcrowding can bring.


Avoid Decay

Wisdom teeth are prone to tooth decay and gum disease because they are particularly hard to clean due to their location in the mouth. On top of the likelihood of bacterial infection, keeping your wisdom teeth intact leads to the development of tooth decay that can spread to surrounding teeth. One benefit of wisdom teeth removal is that you avoid having to deal with this issue.  
Overall, there are many benefits of wisdom teeth removal. If you or your child are experiencing discomfort due to emerging wisdom teeth, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.