For many kids, braces are a necessary evil that allows them to obtain a more comfortable bite and smile. Although kids with braces will benefit in the long run, it is hard for them to realize that when they are dealing with the discomfort and pain that braces can bring. Here are a few ways to relieve pain for your kid with braces.


kid with braces


Children’s Advil

Or any other pain relief medication that is targeted for our children. This can help alleviate the pain for kids with braces that is caused after a tightening appointment. Make sure to follow instructions provided by the label when distributing this medication to your child.



Orajel works great in numbing small areas of the mouth. This works best for those painful cuts inside of the mouth that are a result of braces cutting your cheeks and lips. Use the directions provided on the packaging to apply them to these areas will help alleviate the pain.


Eat Soft Foods

After getting braces tightened, it can be an extremely painful experience to try and eat a normal meal. Instead, opt for soft foods that won’t cause pain while eating. Eating soft doesn’t mean you have to go hungry, hearty mashed potatoes or a bowl of chili can provide for a soft, filling, and delicious meal.


Use a Soft Bristled Tooth Brush

Maintaining proper oral care is important for our kids with braces–especially since they have many more places for bacteria and plaque to cling to. This can be difficult to do if they are experiencing pain from braces because a hard or medium bristled toothbrush can cause even more pain while they are brushing. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to minimize this pain while still maintaining good oral hygiene.


Braces aren’t always fun, but they are a long term investment that we know our kids will appreciate in the future. By applying these tips, you can help alleviate the pain that your child with braces will face during this experience. If you are interested in learning more about braces, and how they can benefit your child, contact A Beautiful Smile at Lake Pointe in Houston, Texas to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.