Halloween is a time of the year where adults and children alike gorge on a chocolate Hershey’s or sour Skittles, depending on your candy preference. It’s hard to avoid that candy bowl at the office full of different types of goodies for your mouth, or sneak a piece from your child’s Trick or Treat bag. We understand that this is sometimes unavoidable, so we are encouraging everyone to schedule their teeth cleaning appointment between the months of October-December to scrape off the plaque buildup and stickiness before it eats away at your pearly whites.


Sugar and Harmful Bacteria

Hundreds of different types of bacteria reside in our mouths calling our teeth, gums, and tongue “home.” While some of the bacteria may be good, others can be harmful that contributes to the nasty tooth decay that millions of Americans deal with this time of the year. Tooth decay is the first step in the cavity formation process. If we are mindful to stop the decay before it turns into a cavity our pockets will thank us. This is why dentists all across the country recommend to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by a professional, twice a year!


The Tooth Decay Process


If you have bad habits such as forgetting to floss or eating sugary sweets, such as Halloween candy, then you are more vulnerable to the tooth decaying process and probably host more bacteria in your mouth than the average person.  The bacteria in your mouth uses the sugar to produce acids that eat away at the tooths hard outer surface, breaking down any enamel that is present. Bacteria and sugar creates acid and your teeth will suffer if not addressed right away! This is why we recommend to be mindful of eating halloween candy and practicing your oral health routine diligently this time of the year.


Book Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

If you are experiencing tooth pain, or have bad eating habits, contact us for a free consultation and book your next teeth cleaning appointment after the Halloween celebrations. Dr. Jue at Sugarland Dental Spa has years of experience with tooth decay resolution and cavity prevention techniques.